Looking for support in your life and haven't been able to find someone or something that really works? Are you wanting to make a change and find it hard to do so? Are you seeking  for your purpose and place in life?


Let me be your guide as you learn to love and care for yourself. Awaken to your true purpose and develop coping skills for daily life. Discover how to create what you want and become your best self.

Rock Maze

I combine my training as a music therapist, sound healer, energy healer, yogi, philosopher, and psychic into all of my sessions.


My work is experiential and practice based. Each session focuses on key concepts to help you understand the Universe and the way you are interacting with and co-creating your life.

Learn techniques such as Tapping or EFT, pranayama or breathing techniques, mindfulness, and more.


My work is all about empowerment and helping you to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions and learn to create what you truly desire.