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  • Covid: If you have symptoms or have come in contact with someone with Covid-19, please stay at home. Please do not attend the studio and put your fellow yogis and their families at risk. 

  • Cleaning Protocol: Studio, cubbies and major touching points will be sanitized before and after class. Bring only what is necessary into the studio. 

  • Hand Sanitizer & Disinfectant Wipes: These will be available for your use. After class you will wipe down your mat with the provided wipes. 


  • Checking In: Since we know not everyone will immediately be in the system or know how to use the website scheduling or  the Achieve Wellness Living App, it's ok for your first visit into the studio to be booked in person. If you know how to create an account and purchase a class online, please choose this option!

  • Signing Up for Classes: Class bookings will preferably happen online through our website or the Wellness Living app prior to class start. This will create ease in the check in process and prevent gathering at the front desk. Walk-ins from the street are welcome but students who booked the class online have priority over walk-ins. If you are a walk-in for class, please show up 10-minutes early so we can book you for the class. Please note that if only 1-person signs up for class, then that class will be canceled. So if you'd like to attend the class please be sure to BOOK the class beforehand or text Anneli 931-636-5106 to let her know you'd like to attend the class. This will prevent classes from being canceled. 

  • Class Capacity: Class capacity will be limited at 12 students and 1 teacher. There must be a minimum of 3 students for the class to be held. If there are not enough for a class and you booked the class, you will receive an email that the class is cancelled and your account will be credited the class. 

  • Timing: We ask that you arrive 10-minutes early in order to check in and get settled. The doors to the building will be locked right before the class starts in order to follow all safety measures. If you are late, you will be charged for the class and marked as 'no show' and will not be able to enter the building. If you have a class pass, one class will be deducted from your pass. Please be respectful of this policy and remember that if you are on time, you are late. 

  • Late Cancel Policy: Due to reduced class capacity, please cancel your reservation no later than 1-hour before class starts if you cannot make it. If you have 3 no shows or late cancellations within 30 days you will automatically be charged $25. 


  • Props & Mats:  Please bring everything you need for practice if possible. If you need a mat or a prop they can be borrowed and will be thoroughly sanitized afterwards.

  • Community: Conversate from your mat with fellow yogis and maintain safe social distancing.

  • Cubbies: Before entering the studio please take off your shoes and place in the cubbies. Please leave your personal belongings in your car and only bring essential items into the studio. Only water bottles with sealed lids that do not sweat or drip are allowed into the studio. 

  • Devices: No phones are allowed in the studio. Please leave them in your car or in your cubby on silent. The doors to the building will be locked for each class and your items will be safe. Having a phone in class is extremely disruptive and if you need to take a call, you will have to go into the lobby. 

  • Studio Doors Opening and Closing: Doors will open 15 minutes before each class and close 10 minutes after. Please limit your time in the studio. You are welcome to stand outside and chat in a distanced manor.


  • Dress Appropriately: Wear comfortable, semi- to form-fitting workout clothing. Layers help to adjust for temperature changes during and after class. 

  • Practice On An Empty Stomach: Do not eat 2-3 hours prior to yoga practice. Juice or fruit are OK if you need quick energy before class. Drink plenty of water prior to class, but avoid drinking too much water during class.

  • Purchase A Yoga Mat: Having your own mat supports your commitment to your practice and ensures its cleanliness.

  • Practice Often: 4-6 times per week for maximum benefit. 2-3 times per week will show improvement for most students within three months.

  • Injuries: Notify the teacher of any injuries or medical conditions. This helps the teacher know how to assist you and give you modifications. 

  • Support Your Practice: By allowing yourself to experience a private yoga lesson. Spend an hour with the teacher and have them cater the practice to fit your needs. Take these tips into a group class so you can flow like the rest of them!

  • Self-Care: Extra love to your body, mind, and soul never hurt anyone! Balance a great yoga class by following up with 30-minutes in the infrared sauna, experience a sound table session, go for a walk outside, or enjoy a nourishing healthy meal.

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