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A communal infrared sauna gathering experience to restore wellbeing

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Monday: 9:00-12:00 p.m.

Tuesday: 3:00-6:00 p.m.

Wednesday: 3:00-6:00 p.m.

Thursday: 3:00-5:30 p.m.

Friday: 11:00-2:00 p.m.

Saturday: 11:30-1:30 p.m.

No Saturday hours 2/11 (closed for mini retreat)


How It Works

The sauna is now booked via an appointment. There are three seats available during each time slot, making it a communal sauna. Please call or text 931-636-5106 to book your appointment and/or to hold your time slot. Walk-ins are ok but you will not be guaranteed a spot. If you fail to show up for your appointment you will still be charged for the appointment. All sauna purchases are made in person at the studio!

Your very first sweat is only $15, after that each individual session is $25. Your sauna purchase gives you access to the facility for 1-hour. You can use the sauna & relaxation area at your leisure. Each additional 30 minutes is $10 and is only available if there aren't people waiting for the next time slot. You must sit on a towel during the session and can bring your own or purchase one to use for $1. Robes are also available for $2. Packages are available for those interested in sweating more and at better prices.

The Vibe

Being here is about slowing down, relaxing alone or with friends, feeling better, healing, and enjoying life. We find this is easier to access when in silence. We lean towards and prefer a quiet sauna experience. There is relaxing music and fountain sounds are playing and no phones are allowed in the sauna or relaxation area. This is a time to unplug and get away from the stressors of the world.


Quiet conversation is only welcome on a consent basis. This means that if you are in the sauna with a group of people, talking is only permitted if the group consents to that. We also prefer that no loud conversations are had in the relaxation area, as this can disturb everyone else's experience. Everyone is here to relax for a different reason and we respect the need to find some peace and quiet. If you are talking too loudly, we will come and strike a bell in the room, and this means you need to lower the volume of your conversation. If you want to come to the sauna to socialize with your friends, you can book a private sauna party and gab away with specialized lighting, music, sauna programs, and more! There will also be happy hour sauna times in which socialization is the name of the game and talking is welcome.


First Sweat!


Valid only on 1st use |

Applies to communal sauna hours

Communal Sweat


Option valid during our communal hours | See schedule for hours | 1-hour use of facility 

After Class


Only valid after taking a class | 4 seats available | 30-minute use of the sauna

Sauna only open after Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday morning classes


Gives you access to the facility for 1-hour & use during the communal hours.


20 Sessions


8 Sessions


10 Sessions


4 Sessions


One time payment, non-refundable | Purchase at front desk or over the phone

4 & 8 Packs Valid for 8-months | 10 & 20 packs valid for 1 year |Unused sessions do not roll over


Reserve the space for 2-hours for your private party of 4, it includes:

  • Access to the infrared sauna

  • Access to the relaxation area

  • Access to sauna programs

  • Access to high quality speakers & specialized lighting & music

  • Light therapy in the sauna

  • Filtered water & tea

  • Cold eucalyptus eye towels

  • Robes 


Each additional person is $25

For more info and to book contact

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