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Experience The Bemer

BEMER stands for Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation. BEMER is an FDA Class II cleared consumer medical device that, during an 8-minute session, sends a low-intensity pulsed electromagnetic field to the body in order to safely stimulate healthy muscles which temporarily enhances local blood flow, resulting in better disbursement of oxygen within the target tissues while supporting the elimination of CO2. Additional benefits from regular use of BEMER may include reduced stress, improved relaxation, optimized physical performance, enhanced muscle conditioning and physical fitness, and a better overall feeling of wellbeing.

BEMER is about changing the way we think about our health, about challenging our understanding of the human body, and about empowering us to reach optimal physical condition. Blood flow plays a critical role in our general health. BEMER stimulates healthy muscles to improve and facilitate muscle performance. This stimulation temporarily improves local blood circulation — all in just 8 minutes! For more than 20 years, the benefits of BEMER have impacted millions of people around the world. BEMER is an FDA cleared consumer medical device that is non-invasive and easy to use.


BEMER sends a low intensity pulsed electromagnetic field into the body to stimulate and condition muscles, which increases temporary blood flow to those muscles for improved performance and recovery

  • Oxygen delivery and carbon dioxide removal

  • Increases oxygen uptake 28% in 8 minutes

  • Increases micro circulation, like taking a 2 1/2 mile brisk walk

  • Improved sleep

  • Detoxification

  • Enhanced muscle performance

  • Vitality, energy and endurance

  • Longevity

  • Stress reduction

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The BEMER is best experienced over a series of sessions, ideally over a span of six weeks. The sessions build over time and the sessions will clean your blood, detox your body and mind, and could bring many other improvements.

During a session you lie clothed on a massage table on top of the BEMER. You consult with the facilitator and the right program is selected for you. The session is 8-minutes. At the end you have a quick consult with the technician.

6 sessions for $150     (expires 2 months after purchase)

12 sessions for $250   (expires 3 months after purchase)

The BEMER is recommended to be sold as a package and the packages expire so that you can stay committed to coming 1-2 times per week to receive the maximum benefits. 

Single Session for $35- if you want to try out the Bemer you can choose this option. 8-minutes of light therapy is part of this. If you need more extensive light therapy work, any additional time will be $25.

Add Ons:

Light Therapy Facial- $25

20 minutes. Increases serotonin and collagen production, excellent for winter blues, improves skin elasticity, great for any skin improvements (i.e. acne, rosacea, age spots), encourages tightening on the skin of the neck

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