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Sound Healing


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Spiritual Guidance
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High Vibes Healing offers a variety of holistic services. The speciality is sound healing. Special workshops and one day retreats occur throughout the year. 

Spiritual Guidance

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Anneli offers a safe container to come and explore yourself and find support during life transitions and challenges. Anneli is a spiritual guide and intuitive psychic empath who holds space for you to learn coping skills for your emotions, energies, and helps you to align with your purpose in life. She specializes in helping those who are "awakening" to their deeper purpose and is a guide for navigating new realms and the subtle energies that exist all around us.


Anneli is a trained music therapist, sound healer, energy healer, yogi, and self-care expert. Her work is experiential and practice based. She focuses on helping you develop awareness of your habits and thoughts, cultivate self-care practices, and learn more deeply about self-love. Each session focuses on key concepts to help you understand the Universal laws and to remember that you are interacting with and co-creating your life and can make positive changes.

Anneli has personally healed from multiple addictions, anorexia, low self-esteem, and gone through her spiritual awakening She is here to show you a way to a higher vibrational way of living and being.


With Anneli Virkhaus

$125 for 1.5 hour session

Private sound healing and guidance sessions ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. If you cancel your session at least 1-hour before the session the pass will go back to your account to be used and rescheduled in the future.


With Bruce Manuel


Bruce Manuel graduated from The University of the South C’1980 with a degree in English Literature.  A couple of years later he joined the United States Navy and served for twenty years, retiring in 2002. 

Bruce injured his back early in his military career and suffered from chronic low back pain for many years. It was treated with physical therapy on several occasions, but always returned.. After he retired an MRI showed that he had a bulge in the L5-S1 vertebrae but surgery was not recommended as an option.

A nurse at the Veterans Administration hospital where he received treatment suggested that he try Pilates to help with his rehabilitation. He decided to try it and hasn't stopped since. Bruce is a certified Pilates Teacher and completed his training through Body Arts and Science International in 2016. 

Bruce offers private Pilates sessions in the front space and also offers a weekly Pilates mat class. To book a session with Bruce, please visit his website to learn more and contact him via email: or call: 303-815-7159

Marriage & Family Counseling

Tom practices mindfulness so that he can be fully present with you in whatever you are experiencing. He offers compassion, followed by a trained perspective to share what helps you find the hopeful and healing pathways in your life journey. He is trained in and committed to gender-affirming, multicultural, and ethical attitudes that foster open and kind acceptance. He helps integrate body, mind, spirit and relationships in a whole-person healing. Tom invites clients to do movements, breathe, adjust posture, and share emotions as they are comfortable doing so. 

Tom has found that knowing more about himself enriches self-esteem, reveals areas for growth, and enables more effective life functioning. He help clients learn about self, accept self, and enjoy growing and becoming more whole.

To book a session please email:; 706-614-8022

With Tom Camp

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